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Individual technique tactic 1:1ShootingGroup
IntroductionPredetermination in relation to general abilityPredetermination in relation to specific abilitiesMonitoringSelectionDevotion to mental valuesTeam work spiritWinning team spiritPlayer's healthNutrition, recovery and restWarm up and stretchingDeveloping motor skillsDeveloping movement techniqueForce and strengthIntroductionGeneral individual tacticCoordinates that regulate the gameParameters that regulate the gameIndividual tactic in offenseIndividual tactic in defenseDefensive stance and lateral movementFacing the basketFacing away from the basketPoint guard PG #1Shooting guard SG #2Small forward SF #3Power forward PF #4Center C #5All-around AAShot blockingCatching missed shotsTheory of jump - shotFree throwsFinishing from the paintFinishing from mid-rangeJump shot = JSShooting exercisesCounterattackPlaying without screens within the shooting distancePlaying with screens 2 on 2Playing with screens 3 on 3Playing with screens 4 on 4IntroductionAnthropometric predeterminationPhysiological predeterminationMotoric predetermination Psychological predeterminationSociological predeterminationIntroductionGeneral tactical abilityIndividual tactical and technical abilityGroup tactical and technical abilityTeam's tactical and technical abilityPatience through acting in the presentModesty, gratitude ...Relations with the environmentBuilding work habits ...Building self confidenceImmunity to injusticePlanning, building and loyalty to goalDetermination, motivation ...Unselfishness through ...Leadership skillsAbility to uniteWill to winDecision-making under stressBurden of victory and defeatSpeedJumping abilityStaminaTransitions in V-H-L movementWalkingBasic coordinationVersatility in movementRunning techniqueIntroductionDetermining type of strengthDetermining loadUpper bodyMiddle bodyLower bodyWhole bodyIntroductionGame overviewCunningness and fakeSpacesDistancesAnglesPatiencePredictionTimingCreativityOffenseDefenseOffenseDefenseOffenseDefenseOffenseDefenseOffenseDefenseOffenseDefenseOffenseDefenseOffenseDefenseMechanics training and worm-up for JSJS in situations, competitive shootingJS after working with weights